It takes a lifetime to fulfill a promise -- remember zhao chunsheng, an academician of the Chinese academy of sciences

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He was an orphan, and the party trained him as an academician; He lost his middle-aged daughter, and his passion for life was rekindled by his dream of serving the country through technology. He suffe

He was an orphan, and the party trained him as an academician; He lost his middle-aged daughter, and his passion for life was rekindled by his dream of serving the country through technology. He suffered from cancer, and his attachment to the party's cause brought him back from death. He said he wanted to give his all to the party. He is zhao chunsheng, an academician at the Chinese academy of sciences and a professor at nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics.

An oath to follow through life

"Ding zero, ding zero "At 6am, those familiar with him knew that it was zhao chunsheng who came to work riding the" old car "that had accompanied him for 20 years.

Zhao was born in hengshan, hunan province, in November 1938. When he was two years old, his father was killed in the revolutionary war, and his mother died when he was six. Zhao chun has become an orphan, the party organization adopted him. "When I was 10 years old, I vowed to repay the kindness of the party for the rest of my life." "Said zhao.

In the first 30 years, he worked tirelessly on vibration theory and applied research, and in the last 20 years, he devoted himself to the study of ultrasonic motor technology and its application without stopping. He won the second prize of national invention and the second prize of national science and technology progress and 18 national and provincial science and technology awards, and the ultrasonic motor developed by zhao chunsheng was also installed on the "chang 'e-3".

Middle-aged loss of female pain forward

At an academic conference in France, zhao saw the translator translate "random vibration" into "with aircraft vibration" and decided to teach himself French. After a year of hard study, he became proficient in French and got the chance to study in France.

But shortly before departure, tragedy struck. It was 1981 and zhao took his 12-year-old daughter to an amusement park. After a section of narrow road, the younger daughter was knocked down by a bicycle behind her, and before she could get up, was run over by a fast approaching truck. During that time, zhao's dedication to his career was somewhat shaken.

"Chun sheng, you go to France, have me at home." His wife, wang fengying, understood the pain in her husband's heart. His wife's words brought him to his senses. Zhao packed his bags all night and boarded a plane to France the next day.

Illness is a serious matter

Zhao was diagnosed with lung cancer 10 days later after a routine medical examination at the school in November 2000. "If I'm gone, I hope my colleagues will continue to do good for the country and the people," he said.

On dec 5, zhao underwent surgery to have his right lung completely removed. After the surgery, zhao smiled at his wife and said, "you see, cancer does not equal death." But it never happened alone. In a reexamination 4 months after the operation, zhao was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

On April 6, 2001, the second operation began, and two-thirds of zhao's stomach was removed. At this time, zhao chun - sheng weak to the pole, but he is still concerned with the development of ultrasonic motor work. His wife won't let him touch anything related to work. Frequently borrowed time to read materials, read doctoral dissertation; When he was a little better, he demanded to be discharged from the hospital and brought the equipment home for experiments.

In 2003, the "new type ultrasonic motor technology" project led by zhao won the first prize of national defense science and technology. In 2004, the project won the second prize of national technological invention. In late 2005, zhao chunsheng, 67, was elected to the Chinese academy of sciences.