Academician zhao chunsheng: determined to promote industrialization and realize the Chinese dream of ultrasonic motors

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On May 18th, the "ultrasonic motor project" of nanjing hangda super control technology co., LTD won the honor of top ten innovative projects in China's dual-use technology application and promotion conference. At the meeting, zhao chunsheng, an academician at the Chinese academy of sciences who is in charge of the project, spoke forcefully about the application of ultrasonic motors in intelligent equipment. It is hard to tell that this is an octogenarian who has had two types of cancer. He still works late into the night. He said he wanted to give his all to the party and the country. He led his team to successfully develop more than 60 kinds of ultrasonic motors, and applied for over 340 national invention patents related to ultrasonic motor technology, among which 199 national invention patents have been authorized, two national second prize for technological invention, one national third prize for scientific and technological progress, and several provincial and ministerial science and technology awards. Now, the ultrasonic motor developed by them has been applied to high-end equipment such as chang 'e-3, quantum satellite, intelligent projectile, medical instrument and optical system, breaking the foreign technological monopoly in this field and filling the domestic blank. In an exclusive interview with academician zhao chunsheng, wangxin military and civilian integration magazine listened to him talk about how to overcome difficulties and persistently pursue the "Chinese dream" of ultrasonic motors.


  Nine lives, science and technology to the country's road ahead


"We also need to take advantage of this opportunity to do a better job in the industrialization of ultrasonic motors," zhao said. Compared with traditional motors, ultrasonic motors have the advantages of fast response, small size, light weight, high control accuracy, small noise and no electromagnetic interference. As a new kind of micromotor, it has a broad application prospect in the fields of weapon equipment, precision instrument and instrument, aerospace, intelligent robot and so on. On the chang 'e-3, smart weapons were fully affirmed. For civil use, NMR syringes and some precision optical instruments all need non-magnetic ultrasonic motors, and it has been well used in civilian products. Therefore, the ultrasonic motor is a typical dual - use military and civilian products, the future has great market prospects.

Zhao chunsheng was diagnosed with lung cancer and stomach cancer more than 10 years ago, but he has been working tirelessly for many years. What kind of faith and strength is it that supports the continuous progress of the Chinese dream of ultrasonic motor with strong will?

In 2000, zhao was diagnosed with lung cancer during a routine physical examination conducted by the school, and his right lung was removed as a whole. Gastric cancer was detected in a reexamination 4 months after the operation. Two surgeries and six chemo treatments, by which time it was on the brink of death. Although he was very weak, he did not stop working in the hospital room. The family asks, "are you dying, or do you want an ultrasonic motor?" He said both. So at that time, you basically worked while you were treating, you wrote patents in your hospital bed, you wrote state funds, you revised your doctoral thesis. Later, during the period of illness, the equipment will be moved to the home, in the rest of the adjustment. In August 2002, the prototype was ready, and the identification reached the international advanced level in December. In 2003, "new ultrasonic motor technology" won the first prize of national defense science and technology progress, and in 2004 won the second prize of national technology invention. At the end of 2005, I was elected as an academician of the Chinese academy of sciences. So, the result of the work, the academician's gain is really nine lives, benefited from not delaying the work, persisted down.


  During his illness, academician zhao chunsheng moved the instruments and equipment to his home for debugging


What strength did he have? On the one hand, when I first heard about the ultrasonic motor in the United States, I realized its important future prospect: the country will definitely use it in the future, so I took aim at the ultrasonic motor at that time and determined to industrialize it so that it can be truly used in all fields. The goddess of the moon with the no. 3, 2013, and with the recent quantum satellite, on the other hand, the member of zhao is the party culture, family is poor in the past, his father at an early age to participate in the revolution, sacrificed in the war, have not seen his father and mother died when he was nine years old, then to France, the United States, is the party and the state in support, so he will be knowledge contribution to the country, hoping to contribute own strength for the power of science and technology.

  Difficult venture, committed to ultrasonic motor industrialization

"Our country needs people who can innovate and start businesses," zhao said. The scientific research product, has the application, only then has the vitality.

Therefore, in recent years, he has been "pioneering" in promoting the industrialization of ultrasonic motor technology.

In 2008, chunsheng ultrasonic motor technology co., LTD was founded. In 2011, nanjing wanma ultrasonic motor co., LTD was established. In 2012, jiangsu fengke ultrasonic motor technology co., LTD was registered. It's the fourth time! The road to entrepreneurship is very bumpy. It's really hard for scientists to run enterprises. So industrialization should have form a complete set of mechanism, use pair of person even, use good person. Last year we established nanjing hangda super control technology co., LTD. The company registered capital is 10 million yuan.

Our ultrasonic motors have gone to the moon through the application of the chang 'e-3. The United States has been applied to Mars. Currently, only China and the United States have applied the ultrasonic motors to outer planets. In 2007, academician zhao wrote a monograph, ultrasonic motor technology and application, on some of his innovative ideas, methods, test results and applications, which was published in English in 2011. This English monograph is very popular. It has become a classic in our field. It has established an important position in the world and has a great influence. In 2014, he was also awarded the "outstanding contribution award of ultrasonic motor technology" by the center for energy collection materials and systems (CEHMS) of Virginia Tech and the "lifetime achievement award in the field of Piezoelectric ultrasonic motor" by IWPMA(International Workshop on Piezoelectric Materails and Applications in Actuotors).


  In 2014, academician zhao chunsheng was awarded "outstanding contribution award for ultrasonic motor technology" and "lifetime achievement award for piezoelectric ultrasonic motor field".


  The national bid committee basically adopted the national standard of ultrasonic motor technology drafted by academician zhao chunsheng


On May 22 this year, the national bid committee basically adopted the national standard for ultrasonic motor technology drafted by academician zhao and others, which will be issued and implemented at the end of this year after being supplemented and revised again. Next, we need to establish the international standard of ultrasonic motor technology, because it has been recognized by the peers in the world, has a certain status. The vast majority of scientists and technicians in China should grasp the trend, seize the opportunity, face up to problems and face up to difficulties, take aim at the forefront of world science and technology, guide the development direction of science and technology, shoulder the responsibility given by history, and be the leader in scientific and technological innovation in the new era. The formulation of this international standard is the highest level of work in the field of "pre-empting and confronting problems", which enables China to gain the right of speech and commanding heights in the field. In a lot of science and technology domain, because technical standard is foreigner make of, got our country's neck, let us eat big deficit! Now, if the ultrasonic motor technical standard has been formulated, the foreign products can not meet our standards, can be rejected, but also promote the performance of domestic products, to ensure the quality of products provided to users. In order to implement the technical standard of ultrasonic motor, we need to establish a national ultrasonic motor testing center, which is zhao's plan. In addition, the integration of the military and the people is the focus of development. Efforts should be made to continuously promote the development of dual-use military and civilian products in line with the major national and industrial needs.

  Open to talk about feelings, voice of talent evaluation mechanism reform

Science and technology workers should shoulder the responsibility given by history, be the vanguard of scientific and technological innovation in the new era, and strive to build a strong country in science and technology in the world.

We must not let red tape tie up the hands and feet of scientists. We must not let the endless reporting and approval of scientists waste their energy.

Zhao said: "now we often encounter some problems. Non-scientific activities in scientific research work take up a lot of time. To simplify the process, make it easy to put money to work. In addition, is the general secretary's "hat flying everywhere". The most fundamental is to change the evaluation mechanism.



People are the same, you can not by qualifications, education to evaluate talent, must see the real skills. Therefore, the view of talent needs to change now, character first, ability first. In terms of talent introduction, he has a view on overseas returnees and local talents: "there are a lot of good returnees coming back, they are serious and bring a lot of things, but there are still some people who don't do serious research after coming back. How on earth do talent attract? How to overcome the flying caps? How does the talented person of domestic each unit communicate? Can we dig each other? How to balance local talents and returnees? All in all, "innovation is about getting people. If you want to get what you want, you will find a wide range of ways to store it. To create a good environment for innovation, speed up the formation is conducive to the cultivation of the talents growth mechanism, benefit for men use mechanism, the incentive mechanism of competition to grow can show their, is conducive to all kinds of talent stand out from the competition mechanism, cultivate good talent growth fertile soil, let people more developed root system, one after another crops thrive ".