More proud than the academician title is the results

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80 academician zhao chunsheng dedication ultrasonic motor technology industrialization -

80 academician zhao chunsheng dedication ultrasonic motor technology industrialization -



The "" ultrasonic motor project" "of nanjing hangda super control technology co., LTD won the top ten innovative projects at the China military and civilian technology application promotion conference on May 18, 2018. At the meeting, zhao chunsheng, the project director and academician of the Chinese academy of sciences, spoke forcefully about the application of ultrasonic motors in intelligent equipment.



It is hard to tell that this is an octogenarian who has had two types of cancer. "" I want to industrialize the ultrasonic motor and let the whole nation share our achievements!" " The "cowboy", who still works late into the night with the utmost sincerity to the party, just as he did in the past, takes every minute and turns all failures, blows and hardships into step by step a ladder to the dream.



The orphaned calf grew into an academician

Zhao was born in hengshan, hunan province, in November 1938. When he was two years old, his father was killed in the revolutionary war, and his mother died when he was nine. Zhao chun became an orphan and started to herd cows, cut firewood and do farm work every day. "When I was 10 years old, I vowed to repay the kindness of the party for the rest of my life."

24 years old, he just by hand drawing, then create a vibration experiment indispensable instrument - electric vibrator, broke the situation, the instrument abroad monopoly in others' eyes "is this can eat for a lifetime of achievement", but when he heard of the ultrasonic motor for the first time in the United States, he was keenly aware of the prospects of its future important, "our country must be applied to future!"

Zhao, then 50 years old, decided to open up new areas of research. After entering the research group of the ultrasonic motor in the department of aeronautics and astronautics at MIT, he used to save the us salary to buy all kinds of experimental equipment, and turned the basement of his daughter's and son-in-law's house into almost a regular laboratory.

Starting from aiming at the ultrasonic motor, all he did was to make plans for his return to China. One year later, in 1994, he returned to nanjing alone with five packages of materials and components, regardless of his family in the United States.

No space, no money, everything starts with zero. Zhao's research often lasted until two or three o 'clock in the night, and it was not uncommon for people to "burn the midnight oil" all night. The retired comrade had met zhao chunsheng several times who fainted due to hypoglycemia.

In 2000, he was diagnosed with lung cancer and his right lung was removed en masse during a routine check-up at the school. But it never happened alone. In a reexamination 4 months after the operation, zhao was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Hearing the news, his wife, daughter and all the friends and relatives could not control their emotions and cried sadly, "why is it so unfair, why is suffering coming to him again and again?"

Zhao knows that what he must do is laugh at the suffering. In just a short time, zhao, then in his 60s, had two major operations and lost 26 kilograms. In the entire treatment stage, enjoying the national free medical treatment, he did not use an imported medicine. Wang xin, his niece, said he was always thinking of saving money for the country when his own life and death were in doubt.

"" I can't let China fall behind!

Even with the cancer passing by, the heart of zhao chunsheng is still his own ultrasonic motor. Unable to work in front of his wife, he even hid in the hospital room during the day, using it as a makeshift office. After the second operation, his wife did not want him, every day to help him to the laboratory, zhao chun survived with his lower abdomen, so as not to fall stomach to the wound. Later, he simply moved the equipment home. The daughter heartbroken geology ask father: "you want to die or ultrasound machine?" Zhao answered decisively, "I want both!"

This intention is too strong, zhao chun - sheng's persistence, so that the fate finally gives back his great "happiness". He presided over the "new ultrasonic motor technology" in 2003 won the first prize in national defense science and technology, 2004 won the second prize in national technological inventions. In late 2005, professor zhao chunsheng, 67, was elected an academician of the Chinese academy of sciences.

However, zhao began to look anxiously for the use of ultrasonic motor units. In his view, scientific products, the application of life. At this time, a research institute in Shanghai, China's space, came to the door, the "chang 'e-3" in the use of domestic ultrasonic motor. Zhao chunsheng immediately clapped the board, even if he stuck money, also want to accept this task!

To save time, zhao raised more than 1 million yuan of funds by himself. He conducted thousands of experiments alone, and behind them were countless sleepless nights. On the night of the launch of chang 'e-3, zhao chunsheng sat beside the TV and watched the "small joint" moving on the ground. His eyes couldn't help shedding hot tears. To serve his country is his greatest happiness!

There are many obstacles in the application of ultrasonic motor. Many teachers in the lab remembered that, in order to solve the problem of the strength of the ultrasonic motor, zhao chunsheng, then 78 years old, worked day and night. There were no chairs in the lab. Finally, through a lot of calculation and experiments, he personally came up with a set of solutions.

Some time, a number of ultrasonic motor products placed in a period of time there is no start phenomenon, zhao chunsheng installed the ultrasonic motor on their own curtains. Over and over again, over the years, every use was successful. He removes a big obstacle for the ultrasonic motor industry!

Back to your old age

From 2002, zhao began to transfer patents and prototype, and transferred ultrasonic motor technology to some enterprises in guangzhou, Shanghai and other places, but all failed because of the technical difficulties. But he never planned to give up.

His wife advised him, "you didn't start working on an ultrasound machine until you were in your 50s. Now you're in your 70s." But zhao answered, "our country needs talents who can both innovate and start a business. The hard bone of entrepreneurship is even harder than innovation.

"I failed three times! Zhao chunsheng has made no secret of his frustrations with entrepreneurship. From the establishment of chunsheng ultrasonic motor in 2008, to the establishment of "nanjing wanma ultrasonic motor" funded by over 1 million yuan in 2011, and to the registration of "jiangsu fengke ultrasonic motor" in 2012, he ended in failure.

He spent all his time, money and even debt to start his own business. The hardest time, he took out all his savings, but also borrowed 2 million yuan to pay salaries for the employees, this advance is a year!

"It's so hard for a scientist to run a business!" But he has to go on, as long as the living, will continue to write ultrasonic motor development "serial!"

From march to August 2016, zhao, who is nearly 80 years old, kept negotiating with more than 30 units for cooperation. At the end of 2016, the company was formally established.

"" I want jiangsu to become the ocean of ultrasonic motors, which is also my dream to serve the country!" " Zhao said that in his life, what makes him most proud is not the "academician" title and numerous awards, but the industrialization of his research results.

Now, he has led his team to successfully develop more than 60 ultrasonic motors, and applied for more than 300 national invention patents related to ultrasonic motor technology, among which more than 170 national invention patents have been authorized. Some of these ultrasonic motors have been applied in high-end equipment such as chang 'e-3, various satellites and intelligent projectiles, breaking the foreign technical monopoly in the field of ultrasonic motors and filling the domestic gap.