NUAA SUPER CONTROL TECHNOLOGY CO ., LTD held the 2017 summary commendation conference

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On February 10, 2018, nanjing air big super control co., LTD., held a summary commendation congress in 2017, by Yang, deputy general manager for PPT summary report, for the company's organizational st

 On February 10, 2018, nanjing air big super control co., LTD., held a summary commendation congress in 2017, by Yang, deputy general manager for PPT summary report, for the company's organizational structure adjusted, chun-sheng zhao, chairman and general manager Yang, deputy general manager, chief engineer, assistant chief engineer, zhu star Yang Mo pointed chief engineer, assistant Liang Yongqing sales department minister, jian-li liu, director of the office, stars, research and development department minister zhu Du Pan production department minister, minister of Zhao Rongcheng products division, Zhang Xinyue supplies minister, after jiang hua department of quality control.



  Yang Lin, deputy general manager in 2017 under the leadership of conquer technical problems, after one year of continuous experiment and fumble, each model of motor performance have reached or exceed the international advanced level, Zhao Rongcheng, TaoXiang really, Tang Siyu is responsible for the coordination, the company's research and development projects pushing to people by the stars, Yang Mo pointed, zhu Du Pan responsible for and coordinate, leave the company work very late every day.



  The processing task is busy, the production department is understaffed, the limited hands undertake the processing task, gao fufu spring and du pan often work overtime to guarantee the quantity of the completion task. The motor driver ADAPTS to the motor, and can initially meet the requirements by pan song, jiang houhua, tang siyu responsible for and cooperate.



  The administration, procurement and inspection were centered on the ultrasonic motor, which was assisted by wang cheng, zhang crescent and liu jianli.



 Recognition of the eight good employees, respectively is: the stars, zhu Yang Mo pointed, Du Pan, Zhao Rongcheng, Gao Fuchun, Tang Siyu, Zhang Xinyue, jian-li liu, by hua-feng li, professor angelababy, Yang Lin, deputy general manager, director, Zhu Hua professor, associate professor qing-jun ding, Liang Dazhi completely, Wu Fuyong technician took awards, respectively for outstanding staff take a big red flowers.



 Each department minister made an active statement, summing up his work in 2017 and his responsibilities in the future








 Chairman zhao chunsheng and general manager gave us a wonderful summary and future outlook, including the development and industrialization of new ultrasonic motors with high accuracy, high stability, strong impact and extremely low speed, the application prospect of ultrasonic motors, and the change of the company's concept. Running a good company mainly depends on talents. The chairman of the board recommended four good articles to us during the Spring Festival. Without morality, talent goes to zero. Xu jiajun, huawei's outgoing vice President: it's very touching to reveal the feelings of tens of millions of yuan a year. 3. Li zexiang: engineering awareness! The core competitiveness of ten billion unicorns, the incubation code of technology entrepreneurship. People are always mutual.



  At the dinner party in the evening, the chairman of the board gave an excellent speech and specially invited the outgoing employees, wang cheng and wang nengfei. The chairman also wished the farewell message and gave gifts respectively. Wu fuyong performed the dance "we workers have power", liu jianli performed the dance "see the north wind again", zhang crescent sang peng jiahui's "wild lily also has spring", zhu hua and wu fuyong choral chorus "hong yan". We drink in the happy atmosphere, happy this happy, happy, good time. Happy Spring Festival! Good health! Family happiness! All the best! I wish you all a brilliant year of dog in 2018.