Industry and robot

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Robots are important production and service equipment for industrial and non-industrial industries. In order to obtain the low speed and high torque required by the control system, the traditional met

  Robots can replace or assist humans in all kinds of work. Any boring, dangerous, toxic, and harmful work can be shown by robots. In addition to being widely used in the manufacturing industry, robots are also used in resource exploration and development, disaster relief, medical services, home entertainment, military and aerospace. Robots are important production and service equipment for industrial and non-industrial industries, and are also indispensable automation equipment for advanced manufacturing technology. The motor is the actuator in the robot drive system. The traditional method is to use a stepper motor, a DC servo motor or a brushless motor.

  In order to obtain the low speed and large torque required by the positioning control system, the conventional drive mechanism must use a reduction transmission mechanism, which not only increases the complexity of the mechanism components and the weight of the robot, but also the inevitable gap and wear of the reduction gear. Impede the improvement of the speed and accuracy of the control system.

  Ultrasonic motor has the characteristics of low speed and large torque, which can directly drive the operating mechanism of the robot. It does not need the transmission mechanism, which reduces the space and quality of the transmission. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of fast response, no electromagnetic noise, etc. The above characteristics of the motor contribute to the compact structure, precise control and rapid movement of the industrial robot.

  In some special circumstances, the joints of the robot are required to have both a simple structure and a full range of motion, such as the soft joint of a high-performance robot and the wrist, shoulder, ankle, etc. of the anthropomorphic robot. The development of multi-degree-of-freedom ultrasonic motors can meet the requirements in the field of robotics. Ultrasonic motor-driven robotic joints have a very simple structure that can be directly connected to other parts of the robot without the need to install complex mechanical connections.

  As the driving structure of the robot, the ultrasonic motor is small and lightweight, with large torque, fast response, large self-locking torque and precise positioning. It is very suitable for the driving and control of robots. It has a wide range of applications in robot drive and control technology. prospect.