Success Cases

The company continues to promote the research and development of ultra-high performance products in response to major national needs, including the research and development, production, sales, and consulting services of ultrasonic motor products (piezoelectric actuators, drive controllers, guidance components) and intelligent systems


Successful application of linear ultrasonic motor in precision positioning platform

With the rapid development of micro-nano technology, higher and higher requirements for the positioning, speed and accuracy of precision positioning systems are put forward. Traditional positioning te


Eggshell strength tester

Eggshell strength is an important indicator of the quality of eggs, such as chickens, geese and ducks. Therefore, it is especially important to correctly grasp the eggshell strength index. The eggshel


The successful application of rotary ultrasonic motor in precision optical microscope

Many modern scientific experiments need to be done with precision optical microscopes. The performance of optical microscopes is the key to good observation experiments. Microscopic platforms for prec


Successful application of PMR60/EN ultrasonic motor in high pressure NMR syringe

As one of the key parts of high-pressure syringe, the driving motor plays a key role in the work. Conventional motors are made of strong ferromagnetic materials and require complex magnetic shielding


Successful Application of TRUM-30A Ultrasonic Motor in the No. 3 Exploration Vehicle

Chang 'e-3 lunar probe is a probe in the second phase of the chang 'e project, China's first soft landing on the moon for human lunar probe. Chang 'e-3's spectrometer is slow to open and recover, and


Successful Application of H-TRUM-120 Ultrasonic Motors in the laser communication of XINGYUN No.1&No.2 and QILU No.1 satellites

Large hollow ultrasonic motors were applied in the laser communication systems of XINGYUN No.1&No.2 and QILU No.1 satellites, which were launched successfully. Up to now, they are running well and have made outstanding contribution to the mission of laser communication between satellites.

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