Successful application of linear ultrasonic motor in precision positioning platform

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With the rapid development of micro-nano technology, higher and higher requirements for the positioning, speed and accuracy of precision positioning systems are put forward. Traditional positioning te

  The precision positioning platform is also called electric sliding table and precision positioning sliding table. With the rapid development of semiconductor lithography, micro-mechanics, precision measurement, ultra-precision machining, micro-assembly and nano-technology, higher and higher requirements are placed on the travel, speed and accuracy of precision positioning systems. Micron, even nanoscale. Precision motion system is an organic complex integrating precision position detection technology, drive technology, linear guidance technology and control technology. Among them, the drive control technology directly determines the speed, accuracy, travel and efficiency of the entire system.

  In the traditional positioning technology, the "servo motor + ball screw" method is often used. Due to the motion conversion link, there is inevitably a gap error. Although it can achieve good transmission accuracy after pre-tightening, it can reach nanometer. Level accuracy is costly. As a kind of ultrasonic motor, linear ultrasonic motor uses the inverse piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric element and ultrasonic vibration of elastic body to convert the micro-vibration of elastic body into macroscopic of mover through the friction between stator and mover. Linear motion. The linear ultrasonic motor not only can directly generate linear motion and traction, but also has the characteristics of simple structure, fast response, self-locking of power failure, and immunity to electromagnetic interference, and has large stroke and nanometer displacement resolution. The platform driven by linear ultrasonic motor has the advantages of short transmission chain, large stroke, high positioning accuracy and fast response speed, which makes it an ideal driver in the field of precision driving.

  The company developed a precision positioning platform: stroke ≤ 50mm; maximum speed ≤ 500 / s; resolution ≤ 50nm;

  Repeat positioning accuracy ≤ 0.5μm.