Successful application of PMR60/EN ultrasonic motor in high pressure NMR syringe

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As one of the key parts of high-pressure syringe, the driving motor plays a key role in the work. Conventional motors are made of strong ferromagnetic materials and require complex magnetic shielding

  Contrast enhanced MRI(ce-mri) can improve the contrast of different tissues, clearly show some lesions hidden in conventional imaging, and greatly improve the sensitivity of MRI. CE-MRI is a commonly used description method of magnetic resonance imaging. In order to obtain satisfactory CE-MRI images, the contrast agent must be injected with a high pressure syringe. According to the requirements of clinical application, MRI high-pressure syringe must be injected with contrast agent during scanning. However, the most basic requirement for MRI high-pressure syringe is that it should not contain ferromagnetic components that will affect magnetic field, and the electrical components can work normally in the interference of strong magnetic field, changing magnetic field gradient and radio frequency pulse. The driving motor is one of the key parts of MRI high-pressure syringe. The traditional motor is composed of strong ferromagnetic materials. Only through complex magnetic shielding and electromagnetic shielding can it work in MRI scanning.

  Ultrasonic motor has advantages that traditional motor does not have: simple structure, low speed and high torque, no reduction mechanism, and various shapes, etc. In particular, it does not produce or be subject to electromagnetic interference, making it the best choice for operating components in MRI environment.