Successful Application of TRUM-30A Ultrasonic Motor in the No. 3 Exploration Vehicle

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Chang 'e-3 lunar probe is a probe in the second phase of the chang 'e project, China's first soft landing on the moon for human lunar probe. Chang 'e-3's spectrometer is slow to open and recover, and

  Chang 'e-3, a probe in the second phase of the chang 'e project, is China's first soft-landing unmanned lunar probe. The chang 'e-3 probe consists of a lunar soft landing probe (the lander) and a lunar probe (the rover).

  China successfully launched chang 'e-3 on December 2, 2013. Zhao member of team development of TRUM - 30 a ultrasonic motor has a light weight (46 g), torque, self-locking ability, slow speed (100 r/min), wide working temperature range (120 ℃ -- 180 ℃), without lubrication, etc. Installed at the lower left of the lunar rover's five-star red flag, it is mainly used to drive and control the infrared imaging spectrometer, which can determine what is on the surface of the moon by capturing and analyzing the light information.