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With the progress of science and technology, military industry tends to be intelligent and miniaturized. The drive device is indispensable in the military industry and has high demand for it. Traditio

  Application of ultrasonic motor in military industry

  The application of ultrasonic motor on the cradle head

  With the rapid development of science and technology, the application field of yuntai gradually expands. It has also been widely used in the military industry, for example, uav detection, rifle mounting, etc. The cradle head can be divided into fixed cradle head and rotating cradle head. Most modern drive sources are driven by electromagnetic motor and used for real-time tracking. However, it is difficult to control the variable velocity due to the inertia of the rotating system. When the electromagnetic stepper motor is used to drive, the screen will jitter due to the clearance motion of the motor, and video information will be lost.

  Compared with the electromagnetic motor, the ultrasonic motor is more suitable for the motion control of the cradle head. The advantages of using ultrasonic motor to make the cradle head are as follows:

  (1) the ultrasonic motor directly drives the cradle head without transfer mechanism and deceleration mechanism. The structure of the cradle head made by it is simple and light.

  (2) ultrasonic motor making cradle head has faster response speed, higher accuracy and better stability.

  (3) the ultrasonic motor has fast response speed and is more suitable for target tracking control.

  (4) in general, the ultrasonic motor will not turn because of the external environment.

  (5) the ultrasonic motor can continuously drive the cradle head, and the collected image information is more complete.



  The application of ultrasonic motor in intelligent ammunition

  As a new kind of ammunition which is different from traditional ammunition and missile, intelligent ammunition has become an important factor that dominates the process of war and determines the outcome of war. Its development has gone beyond its technology itself and become an important driving force for the transformation of war mode and war form. Smart ammunition, combining with the characteristics of the missile and the general ammunition is the guidance technology, photoelectric technology and related technology is applied to conventional ammunition and produce a kind of guidance, intelligent ammunition, after launch to implement guidance, in the process of ballistic flight control, have high hit accuracy, range and power, and low cost, high cost performance, etc.

  The smart ammunition needs the precision drive actuator to drive the deflection of the steering gear, which is traditionally driven by electromagnetic motor. There are many problems such as large volume, electromagnetic interference and complex control. The ultrasonic motor is characterized by small size, light weight, high power/weight ratio, fast response and good control accuracy.